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Passy Muir

Passy Muir's Commitment to Kids: The Toby Tracheasaurus Initiative

Our friends at Passy Muir are committed to enhancing the quality of life through innovative surgical products. They were determined to create a tool to assist children in learning how to use tracheostomy valves.

This led to the creation of the Toby Tracheasaurus Pediatric Program, which offers a more approachable and child-friendly introduction to tracheostomies and the Passy Muir® Valve. It features a pediatric tracheostomy tube and a Passy Muir Valve, designed for demonstration and educational purposes, with the help of the Toby Tracheasaurus® character, initially a stuffed toy. In response to their idea, we recommended developing a custom puppet version of Toby Tracheasaurus. Through Toby, children find a friendly companion to help them along their medical journey, offering not only education but also comfort and support.

Pacific Life

A Handle on Branding: Pacific Life's Unique Mug Adventure

Pacific Life was looking for campaign direction using branded products that were tailored for brokers, institutional customers, and other stakeholders. Their organization prominently features the humpback whale in all their branding and TV advertisements, making it a highly recognizable symbol for the company.

Our team recommended a creative approach: a custom-molded mug with a distinctive whale tail as the handle. We presented this unique concept to the client purely on a speculative basis and they loved it. Pacific Life placed a substantial order for these mugs which captured their brand image so perfectly. Their aim was to find an unforgettable item that would deeply connect with their intended audience, and we're happy to report that we successfully achieved their goal!

Forescout Blanket

Forescout's Heartwarming Touch

Forescout, like many other companies during the pandemic, was determined to deliver a gift that was driven by the desire to spread cheer and gratitude. It marked our initial collaboration with the client, where we impressed them with our ability to coordinate the delivery of 1000 packages to 21 countries worldwide.

The goal was to create an employee gift that would convey appreciation for the remarkable efforts during the lockdown and inspire a strong start to the new year. Given the shift to remote work, the team was keen on finding a desk item that would feel personal, and we seized the opportunity to add an extra touch. In addition to a company-wide email announcement, we suggested the inclusion of a custom card and a lighthearted element – the mop top smiley face stress reliever.

The outcome was not just the physical gift, but the heartfelt acknowledgment of the dedication and resilience exhibited during a time of unprecedented change, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity among employees.

WAM Gift Bag

Connecting with Purpose: The WAM Gift Bag Project

The gift bag initiative backstory at Western Asset Management (WAM) was a generous and inclusive gesture. There was a large target audience that received the thoughtful gift, including clients, vendors, investors, and partners, all of whom had some connection with the organization.

Taking place during the challenging times of the pandemic, the Vail Dunlap team played a pivotal role in guiding the selection of products that were not only effective but also readily available. We suggested and organized the use of excess inventory as event gifts for charitable organizations, which garnered significant positive public relations for Western Asset. We helped narrow down the gift selection to include a canvas tote bag, 2 drinkware pieces, and 2 baseball caps - all practical and universally appreciated items.

The project's outcome served as a celebration of Western Asset's impressive 50-year history, a milestone rarely achieved in the fintech industry.

ACME Booth

Acme Software's Ingenious Booth Strategy

Acme Software was searching for a new way to attract attendees to their trade show booth, where they were showcasing a high-value new software designed for engineers. This software had the remarkable ability to replace five individual software products with a single, comprehensive solution.

However, recognizing that few booth visitors held the purchasing authority for software that costs $250,000, our team recommended a clever strategy. Instead of distributing their standard baseball caps at the booth, we suggested sending a letter featuring a Swiss Army Knife with all five implements spread out. The letter invited recipients to visit the booth and witness the unveiling of the new "Swiss Army Knife of engineering software," promising them a free Swiss Army Knife as an incentive.

The response exceeded expectations, with such overwhelming interest that they ran out of knives and had to order more to send to people after the show. The feedback received was extremely positive, with the project being described as the "best new product introduction we have ever done."

NC Soft Onboarding

The NC Soft Onboarding Experience

When NC Soft, a prominent player in the gaming and entertainment industry, approached us for an onboarding kit, our team was ready! The client's previous new hires had received a collection of various items, but there was a desire for something more thoughtful and curated.

Our team presented the concept of custom boxes with die-cut foam inserts which was a novel approach, setting us apart from the competition. NC Soft had over 15 items to choose from, and we arranged the final contents meticulously to create an impressive presentation for their new hires! Together we were able to provide a transformation in the onboarding experience, taking it to a whole new level.

The kit was a testament to their commitment to elevating the journey for future new hires, showcasing the perfect blend of innovation, creativity, and a touch of fun.

Quills Golden Globe

Crafting Hollywood Magic: The 'Quills' Golden Globe Campaign

In the world of Hollywood and entertainment, Fox Searchlight Pictures was gearing up for an exciting promotional venture. Their movie "Quills" was set to take center stage at the Golden Globes, and they wanted innovative, non-traditional promotional ideas to capture the essence of the film.

The Vail Dunlap team proposed a creative blend of elements that would truly represent the movie's intriguing narrative. From the letter penned in the character's cell, now printed on a plush pillow, to the red ink and the quill pen elegantly presented in a calligraphy box, and even a custom-printed red wine bottle, every item in the gift box told a piece of the story.

The outcome was a testament to the effectiveness of these inventive concepts, as "Quills" secured not one but two Golden Globe nominations. The studio executives were thrilled with the nominations and the special recognition received for the clever, creative, and memorable nature of the branded merchandise.

Manhattan Real Estate Gifts

Reinventing Real Estate Leasing: A Manhattan Grand Opening Gift Story

BXP 360 Digital Avenue came to us with plans to promote the leasing of a recently refurbished building in the competitive Manhattan market, targeting brokers attending a grand opening event. This building, having undergone a remarkable $100 million refurbishment, required a standout gift to impress brokers.

In addition to a high-end gift that included a modern LED light with wireless charging, a 3-in-1 compact charger, a sling backpack, and YETI tumblers, our expert team recommended a custom journal book featuring striking images of the building and comprehensive specifications.

This not only provided a valued gift but also transformed it into an information tool and effective marketing piece.

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