About Us

We are thinkers, dreamers, and creators.

Each member of the Vail Dunlap team is a leader specializing in what they do. We take initiative to ensure we deliver branded merchandise and kits that create memories and build successful brands.

Since 1978, our team has been designing and sourcing unique branded solutions for an expansive network of valued clients. Leading brands trust Vail Dunlap to provide the highest quality next-gen technology, leading-edge decoration, on-time fulfillment, and top-tier customer service in the branded merchandise industry.

Our goal isn’t just your project’s successful completion–our focus is on the positive impact your project will have on your objectives for brand growth. When you collaborate with Vail Dunlap, you are investing in a valuable and memorable connection to your target audience, delivered with creativity and reliability.

Our headquarters and warehouse are 100% powered by zero emission energy using solar and geothermal sources. We believe in leaving our planet better than we found it.

We believe in a business practice that reflects our own ethics as members of the Fair Labor Association since 2009. 

We believe in finding the right fit by creating branded merchandise that’s useful and memorable; selected to fit perfectly with your causes and align with your corporate values. 


Annually, Vail Dunlap contributes to a select group of initiatives that help with global water initiatives, or supporting sustainable businesses run by under-represented groups for a more socially responsible future.

Urban Ocean Lab drives impact by cultivating rigorous, creative, equitable and practical climate and ocean policy for the future of coastal cities.

Solar Sister drives impact by investing in women’s clean energy businesses in off-grid communities in Africa.

Groundswell International drives impact by working with smallholder farmers, particularly marginalized women, to create healthy farming and food systems from the ground up.

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) drives impact by helping communities speak out for clean air, clean water and a healthy planet.

The Vail Dunlap team is committed to a reduced carbon footprint. Each year we plant thousands of trees and we aren’t done yet. These new trees help restore acres of terrestrial forests and coastal mangroves. In addition to restoring vital habitats, these trees store tons of CO2, offsetting emissions from gas-powered vehicles.



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